The Clover 2030 Engineering Strategy – An Engine to Surf the Waves of Chile’s Development, a.k.a. Engineering 2030, is a joint strategy between Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María.

Our Consortium will turn our engineering schools in world-class institutions, becoming global, reaching academic excellence, and achieving international recognition in the realm of the top engineering universities in the world. We will create a true educational, innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem within the Consortium that finally uses technology as a vehicle to produce impact in global markets.

This initiative was born as a response to the call from the Chilean Government, through CORFO –Production Development Corporation–, to propose strategic plans for a “New Engineering for 2030”. This fund aims to support national engineering schools to become world-class schools, and through this process, directly impact Chile’s development.

We have been working since February 2013 to build an unprecedented Consortium in Chile, comprising strong collaborative efforts between engineering teams from both universities. In 2014 we stood as the leading group that won this competitive call.

We aim to a larger, shared goal of helping Chile reach the status of a developed country, for what we need to move from good schools of engineering to great. We are steadily working towards a seamless articulation of our internal educational, research, and innovation capacities with the most critical needs of society.


Engineering 2030 is a joint strategy between Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María.